About us

We are Hanne Kjær Bitsch and Karl-Frederik Bitsch.

We have Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier of pure Irish origin.
We strive to breed puppies that are healthy and good tempered.

We live in the countryside, Remmerslund - a small town just outside Hedensted in the part of Denmark called Jutland – halfway between the cities of Vejle and Horsens.
Here we own a property of 5000 m2, of which most of the garden are fenced, allowing the dogs the freedom to run outside, or be inside. The dogs, of course, lives with us in the house.

We are also so fortunate, that we have a forest within walking distance of our home, which we often use for our daily walks.

You can read more about us, below.

  • Hanne

    I am a 65 years old, stay-at-home mom.
    I had been crazy about dogs my entire life, but we didn’t have dogs in our home, when I was a child. However, I often visited a girlfriend, where they had several labradors - in fact, I was allowed to call one of them “my own” - it was a fine bitch by the name of Duchess.
    As an adult I had dogs since the beginning of the 80’s, when I had a small rearing of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, under the kennel name of “Kjær”.
    In the mid-90’s Sebastian, a fine collie, moved in with me.
    In 2008 the 6 year old westie, Rolf came into our life. Unfortunately he died of cancer 4 years later.
    Luckily we got the opportunity to become the owners of a wheaten, later that same year.
    I have served on a local board affiliated with the Danish Terrier Club, for some years.
    In the spring 2019. we started our own Nose Work group, where we, together with others, cultivate our great interest in the dog sport Nose Work.

  • Karl-Frederik

    I am 65 years old, and work as a Lawyer at The State Administration, Aabenraa.
    I cannot brag, that I had a dog since I have learned to walk. I grew up with many kinds of animals - horses, sheep, cats, rabbits, etc., but we never had a dog.
    In fact, I was 52 years old, when I got my first dog. It was Rolf - a westie we got from a colleague. From the day that Rolf moved in, dogs became a very big part of my live. They became an integral part of our family.
    For some years I was the chairman for a local group affiliated under the Danish Terrier Club; likewise, I was a race-representative for the Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier in Denmark for a period. I withdrew from these posts in spring 2018, when I became chairman of the association Nose Work Jylland. I continued with this until we started our own Nose Work group, where we, together with others, cultivate our great interest in the dog sport Nose Work.

  • Connor and Enya

    As this homepage revolves around us two dogs, we got a whole page just about us.
    Click on the link above to read more.